Jack has Oscar (Meyer) Fever
Raise your hand if you have heard of any of the movies nominated for an Academy Award. Ok,I'll give you Money Ball. But that had Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, unfair. Name more than three. Thought so. Seems like every year that the Oscar Nominations come out, they are devoid of movies peo…
Is Eddie Murphy In Talks to Host the Oscars?
Sources close to Academy Awards officials  say comedian and actor Eddie Murphy is being considered to host the Oscars in February.
The move is seen as an effort to return to basics — in other words, have one funny act head up the entire ceremony. In years past, the Academy has experimented with diffe…
Most Memorable and Shocking Oscar Moments
The most memorable moment at last night's Oscars was when actress Melissa Leo dropped the "F Bomb". The Fighter actress may have produced the most shocking moment in Oscar history, but was it the most memorable?
Oscar the Grouch Picks the Oscars [Video]
Who better to pick the winners of the Oscars than the most famous Oscar of them all (except for maybe the one on the Odd Couple, but we couldn't remember if it that was Jack Klugman or Tony Randolph).
The King’s Speech: As Performed by Kids
Admit it.You haven't seen The King's Speech, or any other movie nominated for an Oscar this weekend. We know your time is precious, so we boiled it down to 35 seconds. This way you can sound smart at your Oscar party.
Oscar Talk with Mike Tyson
We already have a ketchup stain on our tuxedo t-shirt, so Jack FM's Academy Award coverage from the red carpet will be limited this year. Luckily, Mike Tyson has a handle on the nominees at this year's Oscar's. He spoke with Leonard Maltin at Funnyordie.com.

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