Archery Tag Is Coming to Buffalo
If you think laser tag is fun wait until you hear about archery tag! The owner of one of the Buffalo area's coolest escape rooms, Trapped - A Buffalo Escape Room Experience, is branching into another experience – Marked - Buffalo Archery Tag...
New Anchor Bar Location Confirmed
The iconic Buffalo restaurant Anchor Bar is set to open a new location on Las Vegas Boulevard in Sin City.
Anchor Bar's first West Coast location will open in June 15, according to WKBW and Buffalo Business First. The 1,250-square-foot Venetian location will feature a quick order service, B…
Buffalo Outer Harbor Restaurant to Close
A waterfront Buffalo restaurant will close its doors, according to When Dug's Dive closes, the spot isn't expected to remain closed for long. The president of Safe Harbor Development plans to find someone to run the establishment until something new can be built.
IBM to Hire 500 Employees in Buffalo
IBM is planning to hire 500 employees in the next 7 years for big data, analytics and cloud computing at its Innovation Center in Buffalo, which opened earlier this year, according to Biz Journals.