David Bowie Turned Down Olympic Ceremony Invitation
David Bowie was reportedly asked to perform ‘Heroes’ at the closing ceremonies for the 2012 London Olympics, but turned it down, appearing instead only via old photos on the stadium’s video screens as a piped-in medley of his most famous songs played.
Elmo Facts about the Olympics [VIDEO]
Want to wow your friends with some sweet Olympic Facts?  You are also a Seseme Street Fan?  Well here you go! Best of both worlds! I have to admit I love watching the Olympics but for me (a kid that grew up with Seseme Street) this made me love the olympics even more...
How Much Are Olympic Medals Actually Worth?
Olympic athletes often train for years in the hopes of someday getting a medal. But while the 4,700 medals currently being doled out in London are priceless to the athletes who win them, the actual value of the raw materials may be less than you think.

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