Creative Photographer Inserts Herself Into Famous Images
If you could travel back in time, would you snap a cell phone photo of the famous people you brushed shoulders with? In her latest series, Hungarian photographer Flora Borsi imagined what the world would be like if a time traveler could venture into the past and capture some of humankind's greatest,…
Why Do the Holidays Make Us So Nostalgic?
There’s something about the holiday season that often makes us all a little nostalgic. And it’s not just the result of carefully-crafted marketing by retailers — psychological experts say that wistful feeling has an actual purpose.
We had no cell phone and we liked it!
Ok, I may not exactly be a trendsetter here,you may have already gotten this sent to you by your weird Uncle Phil who wears his boxers and sandals around the house. Nonetheless, here's a hilarious take on how easy kids have it today that was sent to us by one of our listeners. If you grew up in…