Nickelback Ticket Thingy, Part Deux — Return of the Hate
Jack FM's Ticket Thingy express rolls on with more free tickets to Nickelback whether you like it or not. You told us you don't want Nickelback tickets, but you lied (if you saw how many calls we got the first time we did this you'd be shocked). So it's a Nickelback Ticket Thingy, Part Deux starting…
Stick It And Suck It For Free Nickelback Tickets [PHOTOS]
What would you do for Nickelback tickets? Would you stick it and suck it? That's what a few hundred JACK listeners did this morning (who knew we had that many). Some of them even camped out overnight in the Boulevard Mall parking lot, after spending a few hours in the bar of course.
Stick It and Suck It with Free Nickelback Tickets This Saturday
Jack's Stick It and Suck It Summer Tour returns with free tickets to Nickelback and a red, white and blue bomb pop to suck! So if you need a Nickelback hook up, we have your tickets. Be one of the first 100 cars to let one of our overpaid and under-worked Sticker Pimps pimp slap a JACK bum…