Andrew Peters Brings Buffalo Sabres Home Opener to Life on Daybreak
The Sabres should have opened the season tomorrow night against the Pittsburgh Penguins, but because of the NHL lockout that game and at least the first few weeks of the season are not happening. Missing the sport, Daybreak's Kevin O'Neill did what most of us do, lived vicariously through …
Will There Be an NHL Season? — Sports Survey of the Day
Hockey is back! Hockey is dead!
Today may be the day that we find out which of those statements will turn out correct. The NHL preseason has already been cancelled, and the lockout is about to enter its third week. Stunningly, Friday was the first time the players and the owners have e…
Check Out the Official Song of the 2012 NHL Lockout
The 2012 NHL lockout is only about a week underway, but singer/songwriter Vicki Shae of Winnipeg-based radio station QX 104 already has a song ready to mend the broken hearts of fans everywhere. And it's a nifty parody of Taylor Swift's 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' t…
NHL Playoffs: On to the Next Round
An exciting opening round will most likely lead to more of the same in the conference semi-finals. I’ll recap my earlier picks and predict the next round.
Before the beginning of the playoffs I made my first-round predictions for the Eastern Conference, and they turned out surprisingl…
NHL Playoffs Begin Tonight
Tonight marks the beginning of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and even though the Sabres won’t be playing, there will be plenty of excitement to go around.

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