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Tim Tebow Trade to New York Jets Hits Snag
The Broncos and Jets trade for Tim Tebow has hit a snag because of $5 million dollars in bonus recapture. So where is Tebow likely to go now? There's still a chance he can go to New York, or maybe the St. Louis Rams. Looks like we'll be playing musical quarterback all night.
How Much Do Bills Fans Hate the Jets. [Poll]
While it’s not the same hatred I have for the New England Patriots, I do hate the New York Jets.
Maybe it’s the way some members of the media put the wrong emphasis on the wrong part of Mark Sanchez’s name. (It’s Sanchez. Not San CHEZ.) …
Steelers, Packers Heading to the Superbowl
The games lived up to the hype. Well, actually both games looked as if they were going to be blowouts, but both the Bears and Jets rallied in the second-half, after falling behind early, to make the championship games at least watchable. But in the end, it was the Packers and the…
Outfoxed at Foxboro?
According to the New York Jets players, it was Rex Ryan who was the Guru, not Bill Bellicheck yesterday. Players talked about Ryan drawing up some mad schemes to confuse the Patriots in their 28-21 win. One player even said some of the plays were Madden-like-- flooding zones, disguising defenses and…
The Worldwide Week in Sports
From the action-packed first round of the NFL playoffs to the apparently-thrilling world squash finals, the stars of the sporting world were particularly photogenic this week. Here are a few of the week's best snaps.