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Awolnation - I'm On Fire Lyrics
Hey little girl, is your daddy home
Did he go and leave you all alone
I got a bad desire
Uuh uuh, I'm on fire
Tell me little babe, is he good to you,
Can do to you the things that I can't do
I can, I can take you high
Uuh uuh, I'm on fire
Sometimes it's like someone tooh a kni…
[LISTEN] [LYRICS] New Vaults Song – One Last Night
Not only is Vaults climbing the Rock Billboard chart right now, they have this tune that nearly the whole country has heard in the February smash erotic movie, 50 Shades of Grey.
Vaults - One Last Night Lyrics
Tied to a sallow heart
Why does he want to bring me where he goes
Oh and to find out the reaso…
[LISTEN] [LYRICS] New Kid Rock Song – First Kiss
In honor of Kid Rock's album coming out tomorrow, February 24 let's listen to Kid Rock's brand new song, 'First Kiss'.
Kid Rock will be back in Western New York at Darien Lake this Summer + you can be JACK will have tickets for you.
Kid Rock - 'First Kiss' Lyrics
I remember waiting for the school bus
Fleetwood Mac Planning to Release More New Material
When Fleetwood Mac announced that they would release only a handful of new songs to coincide with their current tour, some thought it seemed like the act of a band on its last creative legs, grudgingly going into the studio in order to drum up interest in a series of lucrative concerts. However, in …
Black Keys Release Live EP, Plan New Album
Their last studio album, 'El Camino,' is less than a year old, and they've been on the road more or less constantly since it came out, but the Black Keys don't sound like they're in any hurry to take time off.
New Music Releases – June 2012
The June 2012 New Music Releases schedule features a wide range of classic rock artists, including new albums from Neil Young + Crazy Horse, Rush and most shockingly, the Beach Boys — complete with returning resident musical genius Brian Wilson!
AC/DC Says When We Can Expect Their New Album
For a band that began their career by putting out 12 albums in the first 15 years of their career, AC/DC have become almost invisible as a studio entity in the ensuing 22 years. Despite still having massive global appeal, they’ve only released three albums since 1990′s ‘T…

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