Mister Rogers Song Remix [VIDEO]
I'm sure most younger people will look at this guy and have NO IDEA who he is but for the rest of us that loved watching Mister Roger's Neighbor this will certainly bring back memories.
S-N-P Giving It Away For Free?!
The former Thursday at the Square (now Thursday at the Harbor) schedule came out yesterday, and the lineup is looking pretty good. But I have to say my jaw hit the floor when I saw the show that's scheduled for August 16.
Salt-N-Pepa. No freaking way.
Best Solar Eclipse Song – Readers Poll
A solar eclipse will provide an awesome visual spectacle for much of the western United States today (May 20), as the moon partially blocks the sun due to the rare crossing of their orbits. So the question now is, what classic rock records should you play in honor of this big celestial event?
Inspirational Armless Drummer Bangs Out a Perfect Beat
There’s no shortage of amazing young drummers on the internet, such as this five-year-old Kiss fan and this 17-year-old Norwegian street drummer. But 20-year-old drummer Cornel Hrisca-Munn wins points for sheer tenacity and perseverance since he has severe physical handicaps tha…

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