2011 VMAs: Why Do These Awards Still Exist?
About a decade ago, MTV stopped playing music videos in favor of more reality-based programming. So why do they still present the video music awards? It's a question we seem to ask ourselves every year after the VMAs, especially when the quality of the performances are on the decline.
Where Are MTV’s Most Popular VJs Now?
On August 1, 1981, television and music shacked up on a little cable channel called MTV, hosted by a collective of video jockeys or “VJs.” MTV has been through countless iterations and format changes ever since and as it shifted its focus to reality fare like 'Jersey Shore' and 'Teen Mom' in recent …
MTV’s 30th Anniversary Is Coming!
On August 1st, 1981 MTV (Music Television) played it's first music video The Buggles- "Video Killed the Radio Star.” This was a start of a revolution in the music industry. MTV first started out playing just music videos. This was a great way for new ban…
Jersey Shore England Style![VIDEO]
Sometimes it makes me feel slightly better to see shows like Jersey Shore take place, say, in another country. Especially since we always look like the idiots with all these outrageous reality shows.
Beavis and Butthead to Return to TV
Ahhh...finally, with all of the crap that is on TV nowdays, from Jersey Shore to Real Housewives of pretty much anywhere and Teen Moms/Addicts and whatever else is out there, some intellectual programming comes back to the airwaves. Well, intellectual to us anyways. Beavis and Butthead return from a…