Wedding Movies: Top 5 to say, ‘I do’
The new movie “Bridesmaids” is generating a lot of buzz. The wedding comedy made an impressive debut this weekend coming in at number two with $24.4 million. I suppose this is the best time of the year for wedding movies, being this is the season for all those imminent nuptials to say…
Not Your Typical Romantic Movie
Flowers and candy. A romantic dinner, okay. But if watching one of those tear-jerking, sappy romantic movies is something you are trying desperately to avoid this Valentine’s Day, perhaps you should take a different approach.
Lego My Movie!
Some people have wayyyy too much time on their hands, you are probably one of them if you look through all of these pics.
Jack’s Trailer Park: The Rite
If you haven’t seen a good exorcism movie in a while, then head out to the theatre this weekend to find out what happens when a seminary student attends exorcism school at the Vatican.
Sci-Fi Movies: NASA Cuts Through The B-S
A helmeted robot lands a flying saucer in a park in Washington, D.C. Dinosaurs freely roam a small isle off of Costa Rica. The Mayan calendar accurately predicts the fiery end of the world. Are the plots of sci-fi movies really that far-fetched?

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