Movie openings this weekend

Jack’s Trailer Park: ‘Apollo 18,’ ‘The Debt'[VIDEOS]
Three very different films will bow this weekend in theaters nationwide.
The sci-fi/fantasy thriller ‘Apollo 18‘ uses a faux-documentary style to explore a covert trip to the moon that reveals disturbing new life forms, while Helen Mirren’s ‘The Debt‘ sees three former Mossad agents haunted by a dang…
Jack’s Trailer Park: The Tech Behind Tron:Legacy
Disney's new Tron:Legacy movie, due out in Regal Theater's this weekend features a digitally younger Jeff Bridges. See the picture, find out how they did it, and how you can win passes to Tron: Legacy from Jack's Trailer Park.
Movies opening this weekend
The movie with the most hype this weekend is Morning Glory. It's getting great reviews all across the country, and even our own Jeff Simon thinks that this is the role that will launch Rachel McAdams into superstardom.