Mickey Rats and Captain Kids

Time To Celebrate Us!!! Jack’s 7th Birthday Bash!!
Oh YES!!! It's that time of the year again, the Birthday Bash that everyone has been waiting for, Jack's 7th Birthday has finally arrived. Today starting at 11a.m. Jack, with I'm sure millions... ok maybe thousands... will be celebrating as only a 7 year old should, at Mickey Rats and…
Life’s a Beach and Then There’s Jack FM
Found out today that there are only 4 weeks until the start of school. Way to give me the buzz kill, Cheryl. Don’t worry, that sale on back-to-school dry-erase markers will still be there tomorrow.
Jack FM Birthday Cake Drops [VIDEO]
At a good party the cake rarely ends up in your mouth... places where it will end up you might be wonder?! Here are a few ideas, on the birthday boys face, in someone else’s face, down your clothing, or better yet on the floor due to the genius that can't carry a cake! Check out some pre…