The Best Reaction Memes to the NFL Replacement Refs
Woah boy. Even if you could not give one fraction of an iota of a care about football, you probably still heard about Monday night's game (thanks, Facebook!). To deal, we just imagined old-timey Keystone Kops music playing underneath the whole thing. Thankfully other people dealt with the …
Sh*t Nobody Says [VIDEO]
Ever since the 'Sh*t Girls Say' video hit the internets a couple weeks ago there has been a massive wave of "Sh*t ________ Say(s)" videos flooding YouTube. Most of them are horrifically awful, such as:
Your Annoying Childhood Friend Is Back
Annoying Childhood Friend, a new meme making the rounds today, is kind of like the ghost of friendships past. We all had a “pal” in our youth bend the rules to his advantage or sell you out when trouble arose.