Mardi Gras

Zero K Marathon Photos
Well, the hangover is finally starting to go away and I woke up wearing beads and only shoe. It must be the day after Mardi Gras.
Jack’s Shameless Pet Video: Fat Tuesday Edition
So it's Mardi Gras or as we like to call it Fat Tuesday. It is a whole day where we get to eat whatever kind of disgusting crap we want and get away with it. In honor of such a glorious day we have found the ultimate pet video. This video describes exactly how you should act on Fat Tuesday... g…
Zero K Marathon Tonight!
Tonight is the night, JACK's 5th Annual Zero K Marathon at Jack Astor's Bar & Grill inside the Walden Galleria. We are putting the Fat in Fat Tuesday with the world's shortest marathon, this is for all of the out of shape, un-motivated, lazy or 'big-boned' track star…
10 Cute Dogs Dressed for Mardi Gras
Next Tuesday is a big day…literally. This year, February 21st is Mardi Gras, or translated, Fat Tuesday. The day we all party down and do all kinds of sinful things before giving it all up for Lent. Yes, even the dogs.
My Favorite day of the year Fat Tuesday! [VIDEO]
Fat Tuesday... Possibly one of the best traditions practice EVER! It's the day before Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent, when you can eat all the fattest foods you want in one day. It's also known as Mardi Gras, one of the biggest party days of the year...