March Madness

March Baldness-Meet the Follicle 4
Hey, how you doing in that March Baldness office pool?  Oh right, sorry we forgot we’re not supposed to mention it when your human resources person is within ear shot. Well, after 3 weeks of heavy competition, Jack's March Baldness is down to the Follicle 4...
March Bad-ness, Watch These Trick Shots [VIDEO]
Sports trick shots are taking over the Internet, if the popularity of amazing video montages by college trick shot masters UConn quarterback John McEntee and USC Asheville Goalkeeper Lassi Hurskainen are any indication.
March Madness Begins with Bracket Flu
Yesterday was selection Sunday and the unveiling of the NCAA brackets means that worker productivity is down at Jack FM. What? No Canisus? Bona's? UB? What a travesty! Here's some easily printable brackets so you can gamble, I mean, follow along...