20 Things That Suck More Than Going Back to School
In early June, we were eagerly anticipating the day when department stores would begin displaying their back-to-school sales (Christmas will be here soon, too!). But unfortunately, the time to actually go back to school has officially arrived, and we're much less excited about it than…
10 Excuses to Get You Out of Work on Memorial Day Weekend
I've been looking forward to this weekend since my last scheduled day off of work – New Year’s Day. And the weather has been amazing! So I was sad to hear that two of my friends not only have to work Saturday, but Monday, too! The nerve.
For the benefit of those of you stuck in a similar situation, I…
10 Celebrity Moms We Wish We Had
We would never trade our mothers for any other person in the world. That’s because we love them to death, owe them big time for all the love and attention they gave us as children, and would not have become the people we are today without their care and dedication. That’s also because the laws of ti…
Jack’s 19 Favorite Summer Songs (List)
Despite the recent weather reports, summer is officially here. This is our favorite time of the year. The beach, the parties, and the concerts. In honor of our favorite season, we decided to make a list of our favorite songs about summer and the sun.
Amazing Places for Late Night Eats in Buffalo
We've all been there, it's after midnight and maybe you've had a couple (too many) adult beverages...Then it hits you, hunger. Luckily we live in one of the best cities in the country for foodies late at night (trust me, I've gone drinking and eating in every major US city). Here…
And the Razzie Goes To..
While the best of the best in Hollywood was being honored with the golden statue named Oscar, another select group was being recognized for their talent or lack thereof.
Buffalo Makes Another List
Last week, Buffalo was named among the most romantic cities in the U.S. Just when you started feeling proud that you live in Buffalo, a new report is out listing the top 10 shrinking cities.