Daughter Costs Father $80,000 With Her Facebook Post
Patrick Snay was the former head of a private preparatory school in Miami. At the age of 69, his contract with Gulliver Preparatory School wasn't renewed, which led to a legal battle.
In November 2011, Snay and the school reached an agreement in which Snay would receive $10,000 in back pay and $80,00…
Suspended ‘Hot for Teacher’ Student Suing University
Last year an Oakland University (Mich.) student was suspended and severely reprimanded for writing an essay titled 'Hot for Teacher' and turning it into the teacher he was hot for. Now 57-year-old Joseph Corlett is suing members of the University and the Board of Trustees for violating his…
Mountain Dew Says Acid In Its Soda Can Dissolve A Mouse
If you drink a lot of Mountain Dew you're going to want to read this. A man in Illinois says that he opened a can of Mountain Dew and noticed a foul taste to it. He says he drained the can and was shocked to find a dead mouse in the can. As you can imagine he was pretty upset and has filed a la…
Who Has the Best Wiener?
Ball Park Franks and Oscar Mayer have sued each other over who has the best weiner. This could get graphic. The two companies are suing over false advertisement claims.
Exotic Dancer Drops More Than Just Jaws
Please do not call them strippers, they are Adult Entertainers.  And whatever you think of the people who are either entertain or supporting this particular art form one needs to be aware that somebody may get hurt.
NFL Offers $5000 to Fans Booted from Super Bowl Seats
The is reporting that the NFL is offering $5000 in cash to fans who were kicked out of their seats at the Super Bowl.
400 fans with legitimate tickets were told to leave the Super Bowl because their seats were deemed to be a fire hazard...

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