Paul Stanley Doesn’t Need the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Since HBO aired highlights of the 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony this past Saturday (May 18), Paul Stanley took the opportunity to speak his mind about how Kiss has been overlooked over the years. In a new interview, he railed against the museum.
Kiss Performs Unmasked Set at Restaurant Opening
Diners at the new Rock & Brews in Torrance, Calif. might not have recognized the famous owners of the eatery as they took the stage. Kiss played with out makeup and costumes for about 20 minutes during the grand opening last week.
Kiss Enters the Bull Riding Arena
Meet the newest, meanest bulls on the bull riding circuit. There's Kiss Monster, Kiss Destroyer, Kiss Animalize, Kiss Revenge, Kiss Love Gun and Kiss Psycho Circus. All are trained and eager to buck the top 35 bull riders from the Professional Bull Riders around for years to come.
Kiss Pay Tribute to Murdered Fan During Australian Concert
It isn't a song that often comes up when American fans are talking about Kiss' greatest hits, but the 1980 single 'Shandi' enjoyed a healthy chart life in Australia, and the band still plays it whenever they visit the continent on tour -- as they did Saturday night (March 16), in…

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