Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s Music Video Terrorizes the Internet [VIDEO]
Remember when Kim Kardashian released the horrifically bad single “Jam (Turn It Up)” back in March? And how it flopped? And how she’d like nothing better than for everyone to forget about it now?
Well, too bad — for all of us, really. Because a clip from the single’s never-released video has now gone…
Ear Bleeding Kim Kardashian Song [VIDEO]
Unfortunately, Jack FM isn't high profile enough to score with Kim Kardashian so we had to settle for her sister, Chloe. But Kim's Star may have dropped a notch after the release of her new song misleadingly called "Jam (Turn It Up)". So is it good? Judge for yourself.
Kiss it, Kardashian
Sure, she’s hot. And she’s got curves in the right places. But seriously, what makes Kim Kardashian such a draw? Are her humps the only thing keeping her going?
This girl’s face is everywhere. I get it, she’s a looker. But what does she …
Kim Kardashian Uncovered
Go figure, Kim Kardashian cries... about the way her photo shoot turned out with W Magazine. After finding out it was their best cover yet, things are "all better"! Everything will be ok Kimmy!