Heroic 15-Year-Old Rescues Abducted Girl
15-year-old Temar Boggs from Gable Park Woods, PA, has been hailed as a hero after chasing down the car in which a five-year-old kidnapped girl was being held in. The attempted kidnap took place outside an apartment block on Thursday in Lancaster Township. When news broke, community members took to …
Cute Kid Defies Sleep for Ice Cream Cone
When sleep strikes a child, it can do so at the most inopportune time, even in the middle of a tasty snack. But the adorable kid in this video doesn’t let that stop him as he snoozes and noshes on an ice cream cone at the same time.
Young Fan Does Thriller Dance During Mariners’ Game
The most exciting thing that happened at a recent Seattle Mariners' game took place between innings, when Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' was played to entertain the crowd.
The JumboTron camera operator found a little boy enthusiastically dancing to the classic hit, and the youngster…