Kate Upton

‘In the Way Guy’ Ruins All the Pictures
It started simply enough (as these things tend to do), with a redditor posting this picture with the headline "Tried to get a photo of our proposal ... nailed it!" On its own, it's pretty hilarious. But the internet wasn't done with this photobombing guy. Not yet.
Kate Upton GQ Magazine Cover Shoot Video
Kate Upton is gracing the cover of yet another magazine — GQ this time around. She’ll be showing off the goods in the July issue of GQ, and the mag was kind enough to take perverts readers behind the scenes of the cover shoot.
Who Could Beat Kate Upton, In A Bikini, At A Staring Contest!
While Kate Upton is certainly pretty enough for a fellow to get lost in her eyes, she also has certain below-the-neck attributes that make steady eye contact tricky.
In this ad for Sobe, the swimsuit model uses her famous assets to quickly dispatch of a hapless opponent in a staring contest...