Justin Bieber

Classic Albums… With Power Rangers!
Believe it or not, the Power Rangers are still on the air, and lately they've been turning to viral videos to promote themselves.
Like this one, where they reenact twenty-one different album covers, ranging from Justin Bieber to The Clash, each with their own Power Rangers-esque twist...
Who Was the Most Annoying Person of 2012?
Well, the year is nearly over, so let's look back and hate on it a little bit. So many, many things were annoying this year. People starting saying "cray-cray" all the time, and for some reason they also all decided it was okay to waggle their chewed up gum halfway out of thei…
What People in Haunted Houses Are Really Afraid Of
One of our new favorite things about Halloween is funny, candid pictures of people being scared senseless in a haunted house. We had to ask ourselves though, what were they seeing that was so scary? We put our heads together, and we think we've figured it out. Here are our guesses at what was so sca…
Jack’s Trailer Park: Jen vs. Justin [VIDEO]
Those movie executives are marketing geniuses. What better way to make it a profitable Valentine’s Day weekend than to pit a romantic comedy starring two incredibly popular movie stars against the hottest 16-year-old singing sensation on the planet.

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