jimmy fallon

Hot Wing Contest [VIDEO]
Jimmy Fallon and Momofuku chef/founder David Chang go toe to toe in a Hot Wing Challenge. Here in Buffalo we see that as an old west shoot out. Each made a recipe of 3 wings as hot as they could to which the other had to devour. Fallon used a recipe that some of us know quite well from Buf…
80’s Dance Line [VIDEO]
Retro things have become a theme for the 2000's. It's almost like there are no new ideas anymore and we have to keep flashing back to the golden days old. Entertaining none the less.
Red Hot Drum Off [VIDEO]
We cant really tell if it's a drum off or a look alike contest. Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Will Ferrell from SNL and all those movies compete in a traditional drum off.
It is amazing non the less... and the end of the video will blow your mind...
Memorial Day Cooler Scooter Race [VIDEO]
Take a normal electric scooter and a normal cooler filled with beer (or other select choice beverages). Put them together and you have yourself one of the best contraptions on earth. A Cooler Scooter.
What seems like a surprisingly bad idea mixing booze with wheels...

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