Jimmy Buffett

Jack’s Top 5 Jimmy Buffett Songs
The Landshark Sun Of A Beach Festival goes down Saturday, July 20 at Mickey Rats, and to get you ready, here are our Top 5 Jimmy Buffett songs.
10 Songs Dedicated to Hurricane Sandy [VIDEO]
"I've got chills, they're multiplyin' / And I'm losin' control"
This music playlist goes out to Sandy -- Hurricane Sandy, that is. Feel free to make all your friends a mixtape, but be sure to seal it in a waterproof container.
7 Jimmy Buffett Songs We Want to Hear at our Birthday Beach Bash
Now that Jack FM is turning seven, we’re old enough to lose the face painter and that drunken clown mom hires every year. Instead we hired Jimmy Buffett tribute band Northern Harbor to perfectly recreate the sounds of Jimmy Buffett. We thought Jimmy Buffett was perfect for a Memorial Day beac…
Buffett Biffs It!
Was Jimmy Buffett looking for his lost shaker of salt when he accidentally fell off the stage head first? At a concert today in Sydney, Austraila, Buffett fell off the stage and had to be taken to the hospital. Of course we have the video.