Jeff Bridges

Famous Movie Stoners Then and Now
With the 4/20 "holiday" coming up, it seems only natural to pay tribute to those famed stoners who have made the day memorable. So what are some famous stoners from film history up to today? You might be surprised to see they're doing way more than just toking, though that mig…
The Dude Hates Cancer at Big Lebowski Fundraiser
One of the most memorable characters in film over the last 20 years is "The Dude" in the Cohen Brothers film the Big Lebowski and you can see it again on the big screen tonight. Somehow I missed this movie when it first came out. I didn't see it until two weeks ago on an AMC marathon, and …
Jack’s Trailer Park: The Tech Behind Tron:Legacy
Disney's new Tron:Legacy movie, due out in Regal Theater's this weekend features a digitally younger Jeff Bridges. See the picture, find out how they did it, and how you can win passes to Tron: Legacy from Jack's Trailer Park.