Mother’s Day Jacktivities!
Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!!  Take the time this weekend and let your Mom know just how special she is.  There is a ton of activities around town that Mom will love to check out so if you’re looking for ideas here’s a couple fantastic ones sh…
Get lost among the stars this weekend!
Weekend again!  Instead of wasting a perfectly good weekend on things like cleaning your house or doing the laundry, why not put a little fun in your life!   Tomorrow is Earth Day so why not get out check out Mother Nature’s best!
Tonight head over to the Penn Dix…
Don’t be a couch potato! Try Jacktivities!
On weekends I have been trying to find some new and exciting Jacktivities. Sometimes it’s an event I’ve never tried before or sometimes it’s something I can’t get enough of. If you’re tired of sitting at home on weekends…
My adventure at the Buffalo Zoo!
Today was beautiful and I took full advantage of being outside. I don’t know if you have been to the Buffalo Zoo in a while but if I were you I’d take a day and check it out.
Santa is everywhere!
Winter is finally here! Even though it's starting to get cold outside there's no need for you to sit at home cold! Get out and try some of these fantastic jacktivities!
Holiday Shopping this weekend!
Looking for the perfect Holiday present for that special someone?  How about homemade items?  Yes   you can go to a store and buy something that probably twenty other people have but why not give a unique this year!  Lots of events this weekend that offers you a lot of diffe…
Holiday Season is here! Enjoy!
I still can’t believe the weather!  I know most of you are just dying to have snow on the ground but I am not!  Mother Nature if you want to hold off a little longer I’ll be your biggest fan!  Since today looks so nice my suggestion is to get out and en…

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