jack astors

Zero K Marathon Tonight!
Tonight is the night, JACK's 5th Annual Zero K Marathon at Jack Astor's Bar & Grill inside the Walden Galleria. We are putting the Fat in Fat Tuesday with the world's shortest marathon, this is for all of the out of shape, un-motivated, lazy or 'big-boned' track star…
Jack FM Zero-K Marathon: Uh, Oh There Were Pictures?
Tuesday, February 21 is Fat Tuesday, and every year Jack FM holds our charity marathon for people who want to help the American Heart Association, but are too lazy to actually run in a race. We had a great time last year, and thought you might want to see what the party was like before you buy ticke…
Grab Your Helmets, It’s Beer Week In Buffalo!
The eight day beer celebration has started in Buffalo and ends on the 26th of June!  This event is to honor and appreciate craft beer and breweries located in Buffalo!  The price to attend varies amongst each location but is not any more than twenty bucks!