Bizarre iPhone Case Looks Like a Human Face
These iPhone cases, made to look like the side of a human face, make it appear as if a person isn’t really talking on the telephone. They’re just, you know, hanging out with their hand up to their face doing who knows what. Kind of quirky.
The iPhone Is Coming! The iPhone Is Coming!
In what will probably go down in history as the worst kept Apple secret ever, word has leaked out that TOMORROW January 11th, Verizon Wireless will be holding a press event to announce that after 4 long years of waiting, customers on the Nation's largest wireless network will at long last be able to…
New iPhone App Helps Prevent Awkwardness Abroad [VIDEO]
Anyone who's ever traveled to a foreign country has experienced a moment of absolute terror when approaching a door with a sign not written in English. What lies on the other side? The last thing you want to do is walk into a Quentin Tarantino movie when you were just looking for the bathroom!…