Ooops, They Did It Again
Team Canada blew a 3-0 third period lead last night, giving up 5 unanswered goals to Russia, losing the game 5-3 and the Gold Medal. Atlanta Thrasher Evander Kane, who played in the World Juniors last season when Team Canada lost to the US, tweeted that this was a national tragedy. See the highlight…
Top 10 Reasons The US Is Still Better Than Canada
Because we're still bitter about the loss to Team Canada at the World Juniors, here's 10 reasons why the US is still better than Canada. Unfortunately, when we converted it to the metric system we could only come up with 7.
Oh, Canada You Still Suck
Lake Erie is the only thing protecting us from being Canadian. But thanks to the World Juniors at HSBC arena, our biggest fear was realized, the maple leaf took over Buffalo for one night as Canada redeemed themselves in the World Juniors with a win over the US.
US vs Canada Tonight
The United States and Canada face off tonight in the World Juniors Hockey Tournament semi-finals at HSBC Arena.
IIHF Official Defends Buffalo
Szymon Szemberg, the communications director for this year's World Junior Championships in Buffalo, has blasted "twittering players and Euro bloggers" who have put down the City of Buffalo during the games here.
"No people to be found in the downtown area, no bars, no …