Horror movies

Jack FM’s Guide to Selecting the Perfect Horror Movie
Hi, my name is Alyssa, and I’m a horror movie snob.
Very few movies truly scare me, but a lot of them entertain me. For example, have you seen Cabin in the Woods? That movie was great. Sure, it was tacky and comical, but at least it was original and unique. But then there are completely bland, cliché…
9 Horror Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen
It's October and you know what that means: hot cider, pumpkin beer, candy corn and of course, Halloween. In the spirit of the holiday here are some creepy and intriguing horror movies perfect for the Halloween season.
Scream… 4?
Scream 4... Really? Come on, hopefully she won't burn the popcorn just because someone is threatening to kill her, food has gone to waste here and I'm sure that take didn't go right the first time! Anyway, I know I will probably see it anyway so here is the trailer for Scream 4 judge …