Bikini Hockey League Hits The Ice
The Lingerie Football League may be taking a season off, but don't worry, a Bikini Hockey League is in the works. Instead of playing on ice (which would have been fun to watch) the ladies will be on roller blades (which means warmer and less clothing and that is awesome).
NHL Playoffs Begin Tonight
Tonight marks the beginning of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and even though the Sabres won’t be playing, there will be plenty of excitement to go around.
Must See Bone Crushing Hit in Flyers-Red Wings Game [VIDEO]
Niklas Kronwall of the Detroit Red Wings laid a bone crushing hit on Jakub Voracek of the Philidelphia Flyers last night. Voracek was in obviouse distress and the officails let the play go on. One of the announcers is in utter disbelief that no whistle was blown to assist the oviously injured Jakub …
The 2012 Labatt Blue Buffalo Hockey Tournament Still a Go!
No pond? No Problem. Labatt Blue beer announced that their fifth annual Labatt Blue Buffalo Pond Hockey Tournament will now be changed to a street hockey tournament instead.
Street Hockey teams have a chance to sign up to participate in The Labatt Blue Buffalo Street Hockey Tournament taking place&nb…
Jack’s Top 10 Hockey Names of All-Time
Over the years there have been some pretty memorable names in the sports world. Hockey has been fortunate to bear some these memorable names. Names such as Daren Puppa and Larry Playfair have worn a Sabres jersey in their pro hockey days.
Jack has put together a list of the10 best names found on the …

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