Heroic 15-Year-Old Rescues Abducted Girl
15-year-old Temar Boggs from Gable Park Woods, PA, has been hailed as a hero after chasing down the car in which a five-year-old kidnapped girl was being held in. The attempted kidnap took place outside an apartment block on Thursday in Lancaster Township. When news broke, community members took to …
Good Samaritan Rescues Puppies From Trash Can
First of all, how could somebody just dump a bunch of adorable puppies in a trash can? Seriously? What is wrong with people? Fortunately, for every (horrible monster of a) person who throws away puppies like they're garbage, there's a person who will rescue said puppies from the trash.
Buffalo Man Hailed a Hero For Subway Rescue
Steven Love, a 27 year-old father of three, saw a man fall on to the train tracks at the Utica Street Station and hit his head while an incoming train approached. Thinking quickly, he tried to reach the man. When he couldn't he leaped onto the tracks and pulled him to safety.