Research Proves Size Does Matter When It Comes to Gifts
Spent all your money on one really great gift, but think you should also get a small gift so your loved one has something else to open? Think again. New research shows that a small gift could decrease the value of the more generous one in the eyes of the recipient.
10 Awesomely Fun Holiday Gifts for TV Fans
Art doesn’t imitate life — it imitates television! Just check out these 10 TV-influenced handicrafts brought to you by some of the clever craftsellers at Etsy. We consider each a fitting homage to some our favorite must-see TV. They also make great gifts for your couch potato p…
Top Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day
Is finding the perfect gift for dad for Father’s Day a challenge for you too? Dad seems to have “everything” where as a woman can never have enough jewelry, clothes, skin care products, even knick-knacks. If you haven’t gone shopping yet (like me) you still have time. Her…