Let’s Bust Some Ghosts — Gangnam Style!
We know you’re probably sick of ‘Gangnam Style’ video parodies by now. Believe us, as much as we enjoy Korean rapper Psy, we’re getting a bit bored by all of his imitators. But how about a ‘Gangnam’ inspired mashup?
10 Spooky Celebrity Ghost Sightings
It's always sad when a celebrity passes away, but sometimes these strong-willed, vibrant personalities live on long after they have shuffled off this mortal coil. Here are 10 famous folks reportedly still hanging around even though they were "no longer with us."
Halloween Weekend Fun!
Its Halloween weekend!  My FAVORITE time of the year!  I wait all year long for the chance to be scared silly.  Yes my boyfriend will tell you that I spend the majority of haunted houses clinging to the back of his jacket with my head buried deep or that when I watch scary movies I have my hands ove…
Awesome 80’s Weekend: Bret Michaels Spooked By Grandmother’s Ghost
Poison frontman Bret Michaels is currently on the road with Mötley Crüe and the New York Dolls, but he’s never too busy to make an appearance on a reality television show — not even ‘Celebrity Ghost Stories.’
The Biography Channel series, currently in its third season, recently welcomed Michaels for …
Amazing Hockey Save Appears to Be Made By Ghost [VIDEO]
During the video below, you will hear the play-by-play man scream, "A miraculous stop by Quick!" Then, when you watch the replay, you will realize it may well be a miracle, but it has nothing to do with Jonathan Quick.
It turns out Calgary Flames' winger Jarome Iglina completely beats Quic…