Ten Frighteningly Cool Halloween Gadgets
Remember the good old days when Halloween meant trick-or-treating and bobbing for apples? Well, technology has made All Hallow's Eve a whole lot scarier. From advanced video displays to motion-sensing devices, these Halloween-themed gadgets will turn your home into a truly terrifying house of h…
Christmas For Geeks
On the eve of the largest gadget conference on earth, CNN was in Las Vegas to figuratively shake the presents under the tree and eavesdrop on gift givers to try to figure out what will define this year's show. Some of the cool hi-tech gadgets that stood out this year was:
Merry Kinectmas: Kinect Review
There I was climbing under the Christmas tree this morning, and feeling like a little kid. I had asked Santa to defy the odds and somehow get the elves in his workshop to bang out one more Kinect system for the Xbox 360, even if it meant violating some labor laws and turning it into a swea…