Kids are Seriously Out of Date [VIDEO]
When we were kids the Walkman was a way of life much like a cell phone is today. Show it to a kid from today they will have a little bit different of a story for this heavy piece of plastic we used to listen to our music on. JACK FM still uses ours to be honest...
The Best Answers School Ever Had
Do you remember school? Seriously cause we don't think we made it passed the 2nd grade.
Here is a list of the best answers on tests the 929 JACK FM has seen in a long time.
Click the link below to see the list.
How to Make a Honey Badger Costume for Halloween
Halloween is on its way, and parties are bound to pop up. The only problem is that you don't have a costume. You could throw on a dirty old bedsheet, cut a few holes in it and tell people you're a beige ghost. Or you could actually be clever and in-tune with what's happening and hip (…

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