Missing: Help Find Reading Glasses That Belong To…
How this didn't make headline news all over the country, I'll never understand. Luckily for you, I happen to live in the town, and have the latest details where people are baffled, and on the search for a missing pair of spectacles.
The Best Buffalo, NY Memes On The Internet
There is no introduction as these are just all too true. Enjoy and laugh in pity with us.
If she only truly existed..
Honestly, how dare this guy...
There's now some people who have never seen a Buffalo team in any playoffs...
The 4 Best Comedians From Buffalo, NY [LIST]
Most of these guys started doing their own at open mic nights around town.
So, who are the best comedians from Buffalo? Lets begin.
Some others that should be honorable mention, at least include: Josh Potter, Mama Rag and Philbert Doctor...
Top 30 Funniest New Bloopers of All Time [VIDEO]
There was a time when local news anchor, Keith Radford made it on one of these compilations for a minor (but, of course, funny) incident. We agree with JACK that these are the top 30 funniest moments.
We were just crying laughing!
Sexy People Of Walmart [VIDEO]
If you have ever been to a Wal-Mart in a remote part of any town... you'll know very well that by sexy we mean, "Wal-Mart Sexy" which is really it's own category of sexiness.

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