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The Real Finale [VIDEO]
JACK FM has thought about doing our own bad lip reading on air... but then we realized it defeats the purpose. Re-live some of your favorite moments or not so favorite moments with this Bad Lip reading video.
Meet an Extreme Dog Who’s Cooler Than You
Welp, it's official. This dog's life is more exciting than ours. He's wakeboarding. He can do back flips. He got on a skateboard and didn't break his collarbone. He is officially the coolest dog ever. But that's not the best part.
Angry Birds Spoof [VIDEO]
Rooster Teeth, an Austin-based gaming website, is well known for its hilariously re-interpreted live-action video shorts. One of its recent videos, an Angry Birds movie trailer spoof, has now taken the Internet and gaming world by feathery storm.

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