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Shameless Pet Video: Gus Vs. Pool [Video]
Betch last week you wish you had a dog like Gus. Gus is determined, no matter what to cool off. And nobody can stop Gus. It isn't enough for him to have a pool in the backyard, he wants an indoor pool.
Shameless Pet Video: 5 Pets That Love to Gamble [VIDEOS]
For most people, Dogs Playing Poker is their favorite piece of artwork of all time. It’s funny to think then that so few have actually ever seen Fido ante up for a couple of hands or throw down on the nickel slots. Well just because you haven’t seen it, doesn&CloseCur…
Shameless Pet Pictures
Everybody loves pictures of cute animals, well except for those guys at The Actually, even they found some pics that they couldn't resist.  More Animals I Dont Hate is an oasis of photographic bliss in the desert of your life...
Shameless Pet Video:Scaredy Cat
Cat's like to think of themselves as creatures of honor and nobility. In fact, if you could ask a cat what his role in the home is, I think he would say you that you are his pet and that he is master of the house. Which is why I laugh everytime they act like Stupid Cats…
Shameless Pet Video
Today's shameless pet video compilation features some of the wackiest things dogs have ever done. Indeed, Dogs are awesome!