Being Around Friends Increases Your Life Expectancy
Researchers at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada analyzed more than 400,000 people to figure out what impact friends and family have on your lifespan.
You would think that you would prioritize family over friends.
And they found having a strong social life with friends has a positive impac…
5 Reasons Not to Let a Friend Crash on Your Couch
Times are tough, folks. If our landlord suddenly decided to raise our rent or our student loans become unrelentingly high, we can only hope that our family and friends would swoop in to save the day; kind of like when we were children. Sadly, those days are long gone; but what about when we aren&Clo…
Is ‘Seinfeld’ Really the Greatest Sitcom of All Time?
The sitcom is, and always shall be, an ever-changing art. There exists no perfect formula for success between various three-camera and single-camera efforts over the years. While some may bemoan the heightened situations and laugh tracks of a three-camera outing like the modern 'Big Bang Theory,' ot…

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