Friday the 13th

What Makes You Superstitious? [POLL]
Just when Jack FM was about to get lucky -- BAM! Friday the 13th comes along to luck block us. Now we're all wrapped up in bubble wrap, foil and a helmet to protect ourselves from the evil around us.
Yeah, we didn't think we were superstitious either until we chipped a nail this morning. Wi…
Why Is Friday the 13th Considered So Unlucky?
Ah, yes. Another Friday the 13th, when the ultra-superstitious will hide at home with the shades drawn and hope nothing ill befalls them. But have you ever wondered why this particular date has the power to freak out so many people?
Friday The 13th Superstitions – Are They Real?
If you are a friggatriskaidekaphobic or are paraskevidekatriaphobia, you are in for one tough year. Those big words mean that you are afraid of Friday the 13th, and today is just the first of three this year with the others in April and July.
How did this all start?
Friday The 13th!
OK, so what happens if you cross the path of a black cat and a white cat at the same time? Do the two cancel each other out? I mean will you have bad luck?... This is a serious issue! Anyone else have issues with Friday the 13th's!