A Public Service Announcement Regarding ‘Frankenstorm’
As you probably know, over 60 million Americans are currently awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, aka "Frankenstorm." The mix of a powerful hurricane and a wintry storm has caused Sandy to be dubbed "Frankenstorm" by the media. But as you're Tweeting and Facebook-ing and mem…
The Funniest Hurricane Sandy Memes
Hey there, how's it going? Maybe you're nestled up all snuggly someplace far, far away from the Eastern seaboard, with nary a worry on your mind. The rest of us our bracing ourselves for Frankenstorm AKA The Snowicane AKA Hurricane Sandy. Since it's pretty much all we can think about, here are our f…
Awesome Video of Hurricane Sandy — From Space! [VIDEO]
Everyone in the Northeast is bracing for Hurricane Sandy. Parts of New York City and New Jersey have already been evacuated in preparation for the storm. Locally, we aren't supposed to see much until Wednesday (October 31), which would put somewhat of a damper on any trick-or-treating plan…
Watch Hurricane Sandy Coverage [LIVE]
I have been a weather junkie my entire life. But, when there is a big storm like Hurricane Sandy headed our way, I am obsessed! If you would like to follow the storm and get some insight as  what other areas are doing to prepare/recover from the damage, I think you will find this helpful.

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