8 Not-So-Great Reasons to Remember the Replacement Refs
This weekend, finally, the real refs will be back on the sidelines, saving us from any further on-field debacles like the ending to last Monday Night's Packers-Seahawks game. For all the phantom pass-interference calls and overlong instant-replay reviews, certain moments are sure to stick out when, …
#BillsMafia Gains National Recognition
Some good-natured ribbing of NFL insider Adam Schefter has accidently turned into a full-blown movement, with the hashtag #BillsMafia receiving some national attention this week in the 'Huffington Post'.
Touchdown Cocktail [DRINKS WITH JACK]
Cheers to the Bills win against the Browns last Sunday (September 23)! Keep the celebration going with a delicious football-themed cocktail, the Touchdown. It's described as an “adult version of the classic Arnold Palmer."
NFL Referees Back to Work
All it took was Monday night's (September 24) debacle to get the real NFL officials back to work. The NFL struck a deal last night (Wednesday, September 26) that ended the lockout and is assembling a crew for tonight's Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens game that doesn't …

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