How Not To Impress Your Friends [VIDEO]
We all have that moment in life where we have a choice to do something the traditional way or to do something in the extraordinary way. It can pan out in awesomeness but it can also end in epic failure. As long as you got a sense of humor it all works out...
11 People Who Totally Regret Ever Getting on a Swing
Just like going down the playground slide is a fun (and sometimes painful) way to revisit childhood, so to are swings. The thing about swings, though, is there's a risk factor involved from the get-go. You know that game where you swing and swing and then try to jump off and go really far? Or the on…
10 Slip N’ Slide Fails to Avoid This Summer
We understand this is a very difficult question, but what’s the best part about summer? Barbeques are great and so are poolside shenanigans, but nothing compares to the greatest warm weather invention in all the lands—the Slip N’ Slide.

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