Police believe Tonowanda Man Intentionally Blew Up his Duplex
Wednesday morning at around 9:00 am, neighbors of a duplex in Tonowanda heard a "gigantic boom" the Buffalo News reports. Jonathon Smith, the man who lived at this duplex, was seriously burned by the explosion as neighbors explained.
Now, police are saying that through the evidence they gat…
Have a Cold One Before the Game!
Whether or not your team is winning or not it's always refreshing to have a cold beer before you flip on the football game.  In honor of that tradition I bring you this video that I'm sure will make you a little more cautious when popping the top...
Codename : Frosty
Jack has acquired Al Queda video of the first ever suicide snow bomber. All snowmen, snow women, and snow children will now be subject to pat downs, x-ray scans, and preemptive melts.
Note: Some adult language, NSFW. Which means, click on this.