Eden Corn Festival

It’s A Corn On The Cob Weekend With Jacktivities!
Have nothing to do this weekend?  Let Jacktivities improve your social life!
Yesterday I decided to venture out into the country and check the Eden Corn Festival.  Seriously, anything that combines my love for fair food with my love for corn on the cob is a definite must for me this summer.…
Eden Corn Fest — Our Jacktivity of the Week
The Eden Corn Fest is bittersweet. We love the corn, but it's the first sign that summer is almost over. Before you know it, it's Erie County Fair time, the Bills start playing football and then, bang!, it's over.
Summer weekend Jacktivities!
I love the Summer! Warm days, Sunshine, and so many events happening every day that you barely get a moment to catch your breath! Seriously this is Buffalo so unfortunately that means with the passing days of summer winter is creeping in around the corner. Get out of the house then and enjoy every d…