Eddie Van Halen

Gene Simmons Rejected Eddie Van Halen’s Bid to Join Kiss
Gene Simmons is just full of surprises. In a recent interview on Motley Crue member Nikki Sixx‘s radio show, he revealed how one of the greatest guitarists of our generation, Eddie Van Halen, wanted to join Kiss after Ace Frehley left — and how Simmons himself turned him down.
Van Halen Came, Conquered, And Kicked A** [Review & Photos]
March 22, 1984 was the first concert I was ever able to attend on my own, I was 14 years old. The venue,The Aud, the band...Van Halen, the show... changed my life.  Fast forward 23 years later, March 9, 2012, First Niagara Arena,the only thing that changed was the venue.
Eddie Van Halen Instrumental [VIDEO]
Van Halen is in town and we all know the Van Halen story, but I recently found out that Eddie wrote two songs, 'Rise' and 'Catherine' for a soft core adult film entitled...
Meet Eddie Van Halen’s Dog, Kody
OK we now know the No. 1 challenge involved in keeping Van Halen‘s reunion together. Each and every day, David Lee Roth has to resist the urge to make fun of what is apparently Eddie Van Halen’s tiny pomeranian dog, Kody.

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