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Places Hosting a Dyngus Day Party in Buffalo 2015 [LIST]
NOTE: Make sure you check back as more events are added!
The Dyngus Day Captial of The United States is right here in Buffalo, NY.
On April 6, Western New York will prove just exactly why they get to rightfully call themselves that.
Although Dyngus Day was celebrated in traditional Polish neighborhood…
Joe’s Picks – Special Easter Edition
It's Easter weekend in Buffalo, which can only mean one thing...or three - brunch, egg hunts and Dyngus Day and JACK has you covered!
Everyone loves a good brunch, except this Sunday it probably means going to church and spending time with your family instead of day-drinking with your friends...
Dyngus Day 2013 Celebrations in Buffalo
The world's largest Dyngus Day celebration is coming up right here in Buffalo. And if you're wondering what Dyngus Day is, exactly, we're here to help.History
Dyngus Day is historically a Polish-American tradition celebrating the end of Lent on the day after Easter. Thi...
Anderson Cooper Talks Dyngus Day Snafu with Jimmy Fallon [VIDEO]
A little over a month removed from Anderson Cooper's Dyngus Day laughing meltdown, Anderson Cooper showed up on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night to talk about losing a spelling bee to an 11 year old and giggling like one too, when he heard about the Dyngus Day celebration in Buffalo…
Anderson Cooper Named 2013 Pussy Willow Prince
Last night on national television, CNN host Anderson Cooper devoted more than three minutes of time to Dyngus Day in Buffalo. Cooper featured the post-Lenten festival on the "RidicuList" segment on Andersen 360. Cooper apologized in a tweet today, saying he was calling his laughing fit stu…

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