MIT Student Invents Ice That Tattles on Binge Drinkers
When it comes to ice, we only want it to do one thing -- make our drinks cold. We certainly don't want it to snitch to our friends after we've had one too many. But a MIT student has invented exactly that -- digital ice that monitors how quickly someone is drinking and sends out an alert w…
No Bottle Opener? You’re Not Screwed
Ever tried to be all romantic while wooing a babe by bringing a bottle of wine somewhere, only to realize you didn't bring an opener? How embarrassing for you. Watch this video, and you won't end up in the ER next time. How are those cuts healing, by the way?
Is Beer Drinking on the Decline?
As far as we're concerned, beer is a staple like water or bread. But the recession has hit everyone hard and even beer drinkers are now cutting back on their favorite beverage. Say it ain't so!

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